Tuesday, July 24, 2007


When I see people with Cross or Om sign tattooed on their body part I tremble with fear & start imagining of the pain they must have gone through while getting tattooed. So you can imagine my plight when I saw Isobel Varley who has tattooed her whole body except for her face ,neck , hands & soles of feet.

Isobel Varley 70 years old lady , born in Yorkshire England is a Guiness World Record Holder for maximum number of Tattoos on her body.She made her first
tattoo on 14th August 1986 at the studio of late Bill Cooke in London .The artist tattooed a bird on her right shoulder.

Mrs Varley got fascinated by the tattoo of bird & took appointment for second session in which she had an orchid as a tattoo on her left thigh& from than she continued her sessions & finally the day came when her whole body was inked completely for ever.

When Mrs Varley was interviewed, she said that the procedure was very painful & especially when it comes to tattooing of private parts . According to Isobel she loves the Tigress with her cubs tattoo on her stomach very much. Mrs Isobel Varley still wishes to beautify her body with some more tattoos however there is no place left.

As I am elucidating on women famous for Tattoos on their body , I remembered Queen Kamamalu of Hawaii who was born in 1802 & died on 8th July 1824

Queen Kamamalu made a tattoo on her tongue not for the purpose of beauty but to express her grief when she lost her mother in law.When Queen Kamamalu was undergoing the procedure some commented that she must be in tremendous pain but Queen replied that the pain is not greater than the pain she had on loosing her Mother in Law.

Both ladies are famous for the tattoos they made on their body , Mrs Varley went through the extreme pain for enhancing her beauty & Queen Kamamalu to express her grief when her mother in law expired.Thus both grand ladies deserves a big applause.Isn't it ?