Wednesday, July 25, 2007


" Hum intzaar karengae ........hum intzaar karengae tera kayaamat tak ..... khuda karae ki kayamat ho aur tu aaye ....." , however 56 years old Bao Xishun....who was World's Tallest Man till July 2007 in Guinness World Records does not have to wait till eternity since he finally got hooked on 12th July 2007.

Bao Xihun who is 7 feet 9 inches tied a knot with 5 feet 5 inches tall Xia Shujun.After a long search for a suitable spouse all over world Bao married with 28 years old Xia who work as a saleswomen in a clothing store .The wedding was held in North China's inner Mongolia region.

Although the match seems to be unequal but the fact marriages are decided in heaven cannot be ignored.Thousands of people gathered in the wedding to bless the newly wedded couple.To conclude with " Waah- Waah! Ramji jodi kya jamai .....Dhula aur Dhulan ko Bhadai ho Bhadai ......."