Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In Bengal Baisakh is the first month of the year & Pohela or Poila Baisakh is the first day of the first month .On Poila Baisakh the Bengali's celebrate their NEW YEAR.It is the most auspicious day in Bengal & people prefer to marry , inaugurate ,buy new property on this day.People also renew their account books.Bengali's enjoy the day by wearing new attires & decorating their houses with flowers & rangolis.

The villagers of Sona Palasi in West Bengal celebrate their Poila Baisakh by parading & dancing on the beats of drums, carrying along with them unearthed human skulls & dead bodies of human babies. The villagers call this event as Narmundo Khela or Skull Game.The villagers claim that their heads dig the grave to get the dead bodies.The villagers perform this ritual to please Lord Shiva.

The procession carried out by the villagers is very horrifying but personally I feel that by carrying corpse of babies & skull no God is pleased it is just a way to please one's own self . Thus mal practices are carried out in the name of God.