Wednesday, August 8, 2007


No sooner we hear the word ' SUMO ' all of us start giggling as we imagine a very fat but cute Japanese man with just a small piece of cloth around his waist. Also sometimes most of us call an obese individual Sumo in fun.However we are absolutely incorrect if we use the word SUMO for a fat man not because it is bad manners to tease someone but because the word SUMO means a Japanese form of wrestling . In other words Sumo is not a person it is a from of wrestling.

The minimum 136 kgs fat man who participate in Sumo is known as RIKISHI. Thus RIKISHI is a Sumo Wrestler.A Rikishi is called YOKOZUNA when he becomes a grand champion of Sumo .In Sumo a wrestler's weight, size & strength are more important than the speed & suddenness of attack by the wrestler. The Sumo wrestling ring is known as DHOYO which is a 15 feet circle.A Sumo wrestler looses if he is forced out of the wrestling ring or any part of the Sumo wrestler except his soles of his feet touches the ground.YOBIDASHI is the announcer in Sumo ,he calls the Sumo wrestlers into the ring prior to the actual wrestling.The referee in the Sumo is known as GYOJI .Gyoji usually enters the Sumo world as a teenager & remain as a employee of Sumo Association until he retires at the age of 65. The colored belt worn by the Sumo wrestler is known as MAWASHI .Upper ranked professional wrestlers wear KESHO-MAWASHI during the wrestling ring entry ceremony.Kesho-Mawashi is a long embroidered cloth .

Sumo wrestler's life expectancy is about 55, 20 years short of the average for Japanese men in general. Prospective sumo wrestlers are raised from the time they are 14 years old .They are fed on a special high-protein soup that contains meat or fish, tofu, vegetables, noodles, rice & sugar. A midday snack might be 100 sushi rolls. Some have prided themselves on being prodigious beer drinkers. What they eat isn't too different from a traditional Japanese diet. They just eat huge quantities but the true secret behind every 400-pound sumo wrestler is Napping. Napping is a critical part of the training regimen. To gain weight, they eat late in the day and sleep as much as possible after each meal.

Sumo wrestlers have a lot of subcutaneous fat but not arterial or deep-body fat, which is the most dangerous kind but if they don't lose weight when they retire (about the age of 30, usually), fat distribution changes and they can develop heart problems, diabetes, and all the ailments that plague obese people .

This is a brief insight of Sumo World by Moksha