Sunday, August 19, 2007


Every year International Labor Day is celebrated all over world on 1st May.In China workers get leave for 7 days around the first week of May to celebrate the International Labor Day .This 7 day leave is called May Day Holiday in China. May Day Holiday is considered as one of the three Golden weeks of China .The other two golden weeks are October National Day & the Spring Festival which is January or February. During these long holidays the Chinese travel along with their families as a result there is lot of hustle & bustle in China & the tourist find very difficult to get accommodation & other facilities.

Jockeys riding on Ostriches during a novelty race for a large crowd , organized on the May day Holiday

A girl sits next to Chimpy as she poses for a photo at the end of an animal show in Shanghai during May Day Holiday in China.

The Chinese enjoy the vacation by organizing animal shows ,competitions,races etc.The vacation is a good source of recreation & when the workers are back to their daily schedule they are full of vigor & vitality However for foreigners it is not advisable to visit China during the above mentioned Golden Weeks.

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