Friday, August 3, 2007


Valentine Day which is celebrated on 14th February has gained a special importance in the hearts of lovers from all over the world .However in the hearts of lovers from Barcelona ( capital of Calatonia ) 23rd April also occupy a similar position as Valentine Day In other words for Calalans ( Citizens of Catalonia ) 23rd April is the Lovers Day. Isn't interesting that Lovers from Barcelona get twice , the opportunity to express their love for each other ? We all know that Valentine Day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine now it is my pleasure to elucidate on 23rd April as Lover's Day in Barcelona.

According to a legend a Saint named George ( Saint Jordi ) killed a Dragon who was about to devour a beautiful princess of Barcelona.When Saint George killed the Dragon a drop of blood spilled & a ROSE BUSH sprouted from the spilled blood of Dragon.From the Rose Bush the hero plucked the prettiest rose for the beautiful princess.Therefore from middle ages it is a tradition that lovers give roses on 23rd April in Barcelona .Thus 23rd April also marks Rose Festival in Barcelona. However from 1923 the significance of 23rd April was further enhanced as it was merged with the ' DAY OF BOOK '.The Day of the Book is celebrated to mark the simultaneous deaths of Miguel de Cervantes & William Shakespeare on 23rd April 1616 -the two are immortal for their contribution to literary field

Thus in Barcelona males give roses to females & females gift a book in return on 23rd April to celebrate the lovers festival & the Book Day together . Isn't a unique way of enjoying the Grand Day ?